Cherokee is able to receive the uploading data of multiple sensors (up to 65,534 sensors), and its connection to sensors can be either wired or wireless.

The power source of Cherokee comprises a lithium rechargeable battery, and the optional includes a USB Flash(data storage) and a GPS(location, time data).

Cherokee can be connected directly to the control boxes of environmental control utilities.

The wireless communication technology to upload measurement data to Cloud can be either WiFi or 3/4/5 G.

Cherokee is designed to be weather resistant, endurable, and suitable to fit in the internal environments of green houses and factories.



                                                                                                                                             Example of sensors’ measurement data


System features

- High environmental adaptability, resistant to high/low temperature, acid, alkali, and humidity.

- Light, short, ultra-low power consumption (system host < 0.5 W), and easy to install.

- The interference resistant communication mode to meet the agricultural, fishing, and stock farming environments.

- The sensors are compiled to the agricultural or industrial standards.

- The automatic low-voltage alert function of the system power supply.

- The sampling interval of the sensors can be adjusted remotely and dynami 

- The open-source .csv data format is adopted to store the measurement data into the USB Flash; thus, the measurement data can be read by EXCEL.

Optional sensors and accessories   

- Air temperature: -20~120 °C

- relative air humidity: 0~100%RH

- Illuminance: 0~60000 LUX

- Air CO2 concentration: 0~4000 ppm

- Optical surface temperature measurement

- Soil temperature: -20~120 °C

- Relative soil moisture: 0~100% RH

- For any special sensing requirement, please contact us.


When a signal line is used to transmit the measurement data, its maximum length can reach up to 10 meters.

When the wireless communication is used to transmit the measurement data, the maximum transmission distance can reach up to 1000 meters.