About BIAT

Broad Ideas Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd., has dedicated to the development and integration of innovative technologies ever since its beginning. Our belief is to design/manufacture stable, accurate, and durable sensing/monitoring instruments and provide our customers with best IoT solutions. Due to their accuracy and durability, the IoT sensing instruments produced by BIAT is widely adopted by industry and market consumers.

Future Development

The goal of Broad Ideas Advanced Technologies (BIAT) is to become the world leading IoT developer and utilize the most state of the art sensing/monitor technologies to grasp the intelligence initiative for our customers. To fulfill this goal, the first step of BIAT is to consolidate its technical basis and focus on developing smart sensing products. Secondly, BIAT is proactively entering the Taiwanese IoT market and building up its professional brand. Third, BIAT is dedicated to the software/hardware integration and finally become the leading model of solution providers and consulting services in information and communication industry.

Genuine Strength

With ours proficient hardware development capability, the BIAT R&D team had integrated precise sensors and innovative communication technologies to the BIAT smart IoT products. The BIAT smart IoT products will help the industrial customers to upgrade their business and expedite the purpose and pace of reaching Smart Production 4.0.


BIAT has a top work team. Thus, we are able to grasp the market initiative, lead the industry with our quality and functionality, and produce leading-edge IoT products to meet customers’ requirements continuously.


BIAT is keeping up with the technology trend and going beyond the pace of the world. Moreover, we will surpass the industry standard and enrich the service content of our products by developing creative functions of the hardware and enhancing the service quality of the software. The benchmark of BIAT has always been persisting on innovation and differentiation.


Integrity and talent is viewed as the top values of BIAT. Only through integrity can BIAT earn the trust of the shareholders, the customers, and the employees, thus reach the goal of sustainable operations. Therefore, integrity is the eternal core value of BIAT.